Hawaiian Sovereignty



In June 2018, the Democratic Socialists of America Honolulu voted to change our organization’s name to Democratic Socialists of Honolulu, removing “America” in acknowledgement of Hawaii’s status as a settler colony. On the same date, the newly-named DSH voted in support of the following statement of solidarity with Kānaka Maoli self-determination:

We affirm that the illegal takeover of the peaceful and internationally-recognized independent nation of Hawaiʻi, and the displacement of Native Hawaiians from their ancestral lands, is a wound that has not healed. We acknowledge that the United States and their military are occupying forces in Hawaiʻi, and that colonization is an action that continues in the present day. We acknowledge and support the Hawaiian collective right to self-determination and sovereignty. We support Kānaka Maoli in seeking peaceful restoration of their independence and join with them in the struggle to make Hawaiian values – including aloha ʻāina (care of the land and one another) – the core of public policy in Hawaiʻi. A Hawaiʻi that respects Hawaiian claims is a better Hawaiʻi for all of us.